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OURSUMMERSKIN [x] Death Cab For Cutie

& I knew your heart I couldn't win....

jenna + kassie's graphics community
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oursummerskin, a graphics collaboration of __yoursong & tolastthenight.

coming soon

kassie. girl. photoshoping for about 1.5 years.
likes: jake gyllenhall, true love, hot chocolate & obsessing.
dislikes: smoking, the color coral, digitaltized singing voices, & whipped cream.
band to listen to: nightmare of you

[x] credit to oursummerskin, like so:

[x] comment with what you're taking. they're very much appreciated, and without them we'd drop off the face of the earth. ♥
[x] no hotlinking
[x] do not edit or customize the icons in any way.

refer to this post

Layout by Kassie with brushes from ancient-secret.de. Made in Photoshop CS 2. specifically made for this community, do not steal or copy.